I am KEVIN OLSEN – a bladesmith and mediocre metalworker in Midtown Memphis, Tennessee.

Though my passion is kitchen cutlery, many people reach for SMITH-OLSEN knives in the woods, on the hunt or in their shop. 

I create knives that combine simplicity, utility and beauty. Why buy a block full of junky cutlery when you can have one blade to rule them all?

built for you.
built for use.

Don’t let the name fool you… SMITH-OLSEN Mediocre Metalwork is far from it. The perfect fit, the perfect weight, the perfect edge – it all makes for a blade that does what you need, when you need it. What you won’t find here are pristine mirror finishes because you want to know that the knife you use was made for you – not cut from a steel sheet by a robot with laser arms.



I’ll take what you have in mind and build the blade of your dreams, for your hand, to your specifications.



Have an heirloom the needs a refresh? Have a favorite with knicks or a broken tip? I can bring it back to its former glory.



Like what you have, but hate how it cuts?
 I can hone your edge to a better than
factory angle.


Kevin Olsen

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